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Photo ID Systems

A photo ID system allows any type of organization the ability to increase its security operations. Since secure ID cards can be used in such a diverse number of ways, turn to Plastic Card Solutions for professional advice when it comes to configuring a new system or replacing your identification system. Whether you are a small business needing photo IDs, a university that requires a smart card to integrate with the campus food service, or a corporation that needs highly secure IDs with holographic laminates, contact PCS to get the system that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Should you need to increase the security operations with respect to your visitors, we offer a Visitor Manager module that creates badges, and tracks and offers detailed reports on people entering and leaving your facility.


Photo ID Options

There are certain considerations and options to take into account when designing a secure ID solution for your organization. These include:

  • Card design
    • single-sided or double-sided
    • color or monochrome
    • use of photos, logos or other images
  • Security
    • magnetic stripe encoding
    • smart card personalization
    • capture of signature
  • Functionality
    • visual identification
    • contact/contactless reader for HID/smart cards
  • Information
    • data types
    • centralized database
    • secure Web access

Installation & Training

After we have helped you determine what type of photo ID system best fits your needs, our expert technicians can come onsite, at a location you designate and at a time that is convenient for you, to provide both installation and training. The system will be unpacked, set up, and tested. We will also train your personnel and make sure they are confident with the operation and maintenance of the system. PCS has the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure successful implementation the system, and that is our primary goal.

PCS offers on-site service and annual maintenance agreements for all the products we sell. If you encounter a problem, our expert technicians can respond in a timely manner and perform the necessary repairs onsite.

Photo ID System Components

Datacard Science of Security brochure

There are three basic components to consider when building a reliable photo ID system: identification software that runs the system, devices to capture images, and card printers to produce the desired ID cards.

Identification software is where it all begins. Entrust's ID Works® Software is versatile, easy to use software that fits virtually any user environment. This application enables you to customize cards designs, manage cardholder images and related data, and print custom reports. more about Datacard ID Works software

Capture Images
Various types of photo capture devices may used as part of an ID system. These include a web camera, SLR digital camera or the camera on your smart phone.

Thermal Card Printer
After data capture, a desktop card printer prints the card in full-color. It may also encode the magnetic stripe or smart card chip. more about Datacard printers

Photo ID system

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