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Embossing & Imprinting Systems

Plastic Card Solutions offers embossers from Datacard and NBS Technologies. As the authorized Midwest dealer for these industry leaders, we can recommend a system to meet the needs of any client who would like to create embossed plastic cards. Options for embosser include magnetic stripe encoding, thermal graphics, smart card contacts, indenting and tipping (Datacard embosser supplies brochure). These embossing systems are commonly used by service bureaus and financial institutions.

Datacard 275 embosser

The Datacard® 275 offers fast, quiet and reliable embossing for a new low price, giving you affordability and authentic Datacard performance in a single, compact package. Finally, healthcare providers with even the thinnest of budgets, can justify the cost of plastic card technology.
Datacard 275 brochure

Datacard 295 embosser

The Datacard® 295 card personalization system for healthcare professionals lets you issue high-quality patient ID cards with your choice of embossed characters, bar codes, logos, text, personalized smart card chips and encoded magstripes in a fast, single-pass operation. This powerful, compact system offers all the card personalization capabilities you need to provide faster service, higher-quality care and stronger marketing programs that can help you win the battle for patient loyalty.
Datacard 295 brochure

Datacard Table-Top Embossers

Datacard 280P embosser

The Datacard® 280Pcard personalization system lets you issue attractive, durable plastic cards with your choice of embossed characters, magnetic stripe, smart card personalization, logos, text and bar codes in a fast, single-pass operation. While the basic Datacard 280P offers quick, quiet and reliable embossing on cards, you can add optional modules for magnetic stripe encoding, smart card personalization, color topping and printing of photos, logos, text and other graphics as your needs change. This flexible, modular design keeps your initial investment low and makes upgrades simple and affordable.
Datacard 280P brochure

Addressograph 2000 Electric Imprinter


The Addressograph 2000 Electric Imprinter, specifically designed for the healthcare industry, offers maximum flexibility for specialized patient card applications. It provides accurate, high-quality impressions in any location on any size or type of form, from a single sheet up to an eight-part document. Its small size allows it to fit into any work-station comfortably.
Addressograph 2000 brochure

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