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ID Card Accessories

Plastic Card Solutions offers a complete line of accessories for all of the card systems we sell—items that will compliment or distinguish your card program for others as well as be functional, comfortable and affordable. The accessories we offer are made of durable, high-quality materials that will meet or exceed your expectations for product performance and longevity.

Contact PCS for a quote on items such as:

  • lanyards (standard and custom-printed)
  • badge reels (standard and custom-printed)
  • badge holders
  • strap clips
  • slot punches
  • neckware and wristware

Badge Reels

example of a badge reel

Choose from a wide variety of badge reels with numerous options for colors, styles and attachments including custom printing on the reel surface.

Choose from the following types of badge reels:

  • round plastic badge reel with slide-type belt clip
  • round plastic badge reel with spring clip
  • carabiner-style with chrome outer frame
  • plastic-slotted reel with break-away lanyard
  • heavy-duty reel with slide-type belt clip, nylon cord and reinforced vinyl strap
  • heavy-duty reel with slide-type belt clip, chain, and split ring
  • "No-Twist bullet" (keeps badge facing forward)
  • belt clip or swivel back clip
  • clear (regular) vinyl strap or reinforced vinyl strap
  • "Quick-Lock" button release system
  • plastic ski/sports reel with flexible hook and snap closure

example of a badge holder

Badge Holders

PCS offers many different types of badge holders that will easily attach to lanyards and badge reels. With so many different types to choose from, we can meet your specific badge holder requirements.

Choose from the following types of badge holders:

  • regular, rigid, or proximity card badge holders
  • horizontal or vertical orientation; or convertible holder with rotating clip
  • clear or frosted
  • with colored edging
  • earth-friendly
  • gripper attachment
  • magnetic stripe exposed
  • "Secure Badgeholder"
  • anti-static
  • magnetic
  • resealable
  • tuck-in flaps
  • with a thumb notch
  • with rails on all four sides
  • safety-framed reflective
  • armband holder

Link to interactive accessories catalog

Earth-Friendly Products

Identification products are manufactured and sold by the millions every year. Many of them are only used for a short period of time and then thrown away. For that reason, we’re proud to offer “earth friendly" ID products. This new line is made with materials that are not harmful to the environment because they can either be recycled or composted. We hope that you will consider switching to these “green” alternatives. It’s a small step… but every little bit helps!

Ask for earth-friendly badge holders and clips as well as two types of earth-friendly lanyards.


example of a lanyard

Most of the lanyards we offer can be custom printed with a unique message or logo to promote your organization, website, favorite team, latest marketing message, fund-raising event....and more. We offer several different materials including polyester, bamboo, and PET recycled plastic as well as several imprinting techniques (screen-printing, dye-sublimation, and woven-in) in wide array of colors.

Design your own lanyard with an online application where you can see the lanyard being built on the screen.

Your choice is extensive. Choose from any of the following types of lanyards:

  • break-away
  • adjustable
  • round & flat braided
  • beaded
  • leather
  • reflective
  • allergen-free
  • anti-microbial
  • PET recycled (earth-friendly)
  • bamboo (earth-friendly)
  • combined with a badge reel

Your choice of end attachment options includes:

  • swivel hook
  • bull-dog clip
  • split ring
  • gripper
  • leather
  • "No-Twist" plastic hook
  • detachable clip

Strap Clips

The best selling strap clip is the two-hole, smooth-face nickel-plated steel clip with clear vinyl strap. You have the following considerations with strap clips:

  • length (2.75" or 3.5")
  • one-hole or two-hole
  • clear vinyl, mylar strap, or reinforced vinyl
  • colored plastic thumb grip
  • earth-friendly

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