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Datacard TruCredential Suite

For organizations large and small, the Datacard® TruCredential™ suite is the easier, intuitive solution for creating, issuing and managing secure IDs and credentials. This powerful software suite — complete with next generation technology — empowers organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements, from basic photo IDs to high-assurance credentials. Designed to meet your needs today and set a solid foundation for the future, it offers a series of feature-rich editions and an enhanced user experience. With TruCredential suite, you can easily scale from a single workstation or user to a multi-workstation, enterprise-wide application with more functionality and less complexity. There are four products in the TruCredential suite. They include:

  • TruCredential Express
  • TruCredential Plus
  • TruCredential Professional
  • TruCredential Enterprise

TruCredential Comparison Chart

Below is chart which compares the features for each of the four products within the TruCredential suite. Note that as your ID card program grows and changes, you can easily add new features and capabilities by upgrading to a more enhanced edition of the software. Click chart to enlarge.

Comparison chart of versions of TruCredential software

View product brochures for each edition of TruCredential:

Datacard "How-To" Videos

The following link to the Datacard website has links to several "how-to" videos to help with learning to use the TruCredential software.

Link to "how-to" videos

  • How to Use Credential Designer in TruCredential Software
  • How to Use TruCredential Workflow Designer Part 1
  • How to Use TruCredential Workflow Designer Part 2
  • How to Use TruCredential Workflow Designer Part 3
  • Setting up a Printer with TruCredential Software

TruCredential Enterprise

A true enterprise solution for enrollment, issuance and data management

Streamline your enterprise enrollment, issuance and data management using the scalable TruCredential Software, Enterprise edition. Centrally manage your enterprise data and users with security and audit trail. Leverage pre-built integration with LDAP and HR system technologies to access records from TruCredential software to issue credentials. Capable of accommodating hundreds of users, this software allows you to capture and manage data including photo and signature from hundreds of workstations with security and audit trail.

  • Centralized data management.
    Capture data including photo and signature from distributed workstations, securely send data to central server and centrally manage the data and configurations. Install and configure client workstations quickly and restrict user access using the role-based access control mechanism.
  • Enterprise technologies integration.
    With pre-built integration with leading HR system and LDAP technology, you can access your HR system or LDAP records from TruCredential user interface and print cards. Establish secure connection between TruCredential and the enterprise technologies along with user activities audit trail. With pre-built integration with leading access control technologies, you can send data and commands to access control system directly from TruCredential.
  • Centralized user management.
    Create and manage application users and groups to meet your organization’s needs. Grant user access to application using the role-based access control mechanism. Allow application users to reset their password using self-service.

TruCredential Express

Launch your ID card program with confidence

Datacard® TruCredential™ Express software is the ideal starting point for organizations that want to make their people and premises more secure. Built for a single-station user, TruCredential Express software delivers the core tools you need to easily design, print and manage ID cards and credentials. This user-friendly software offers data-driven production and a familiar web-based platform for issuing basic IDs. Plus, you can scale up easily to another, more feature-rich edition in the TruCredential Suite as your needs grow.

  • Modern, intuitive platform.
    This next-generation ID software integrates our proven global software lines into one platform. Issuing ID cards and credentials is fast and simple with pre-built drag-and drop workflows and card design templates for a variety of ID card program applications.
  • Simple personalization and security.
    Add magnetic stripes, QR codes and bar codes, as well as manage data capture and printing processes, all with TruCredential Express software. Easily enroll cardholders by importing personal information, photos or documents, then design and personalize ID cards with ease.
  • Seamless scalability.
    As your program evolves, your investment is protected. Scale up easily to another edition within the TruCredential Suite to get additional features, add more users and integrate with other systems and applications.

TruCredential Plus

Take your ID card issuance program to the next level

As your card issuance program becomes more sophisticated, Datacard® TruCredential™ Plus software gives you more capabilities. With simple data import and data-driven production, you can capture personal information, photos and signatures. Plus, you can personalize and design ID cards with complete ease. Built for a single-user environment, it offers pre-built workflow and card design templates to streamline your operations and simplify your production. When your needs grow, you can easily scale up to another edition in the TruCredential Suite family to get even more functionality — with less complexity.

  • User-friendly, web-based platform.
    This next-generation ID software integrates our proven global software into one modern and intuitive platform. Our feature-rich platform delivers all the tools you need — including pre-built drag-and-drop workflows for configuring cards and card design templates — to design, issue and manage all of life’s important credentials.
  • Enhanced security, more capabilities.
    Easily issue credentials with security features — magnetic stripes, QR codes and bar codes — while expertly managing image and signature capture and printing.
  • Easy, economical scalability.
    Protect your investment as your program evolves. You can scale up seamlessly to another edition within the TruCredential Suite to get smartcard support, integrate with other systems and applications, and take your issuance program enterprise-wide.

TruCredential Professional

Issue smart cards and other high-assurance cards with ease

When you need to issue credentials with higher levels of security, Datacard® TruCredential™ Professional software provides a next-generation solution. This modern, intuitive, web-based platform provides the core software tools needed to design, print and manage IDs and credentials. Issue more sophisticated credentials including smart cards, with pre-built support for configuring smart card personalization options via the user interface, which you can also use to capture data and personalize smart cards.

  • Proven, feature-rich platform.
    This browser-based credential software integrates the best of global software lines into one platform. Capable of supporting more users and multiple workstations, this software offers pre-built credential design templates, pre-built workflow templates, drag-and-drop workflows, plus document scan and signature capture device support. It also integrates seamlessly with Active Directory and Oracle, making it easy to populate card data and manage records.
  • Secure data management.
    Centrally manage credential designs, workflow templates and printer configurations while still allowing data capture from distributed locations. A central administrator can easily manage distributed user access and permissions while allowing for an audit trail.
  • Investment protection.
    If your needs grow, you can easily scale up to the most high-assurance edition of TruCredential Suite — Enterprise edition that accommodates hundreds of users and retains the features and functionality you currently know and use.

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