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Plastic Card Solutions is proud to have earned the distinction from Entrust as an "Enterprise Solutions Provider" and is the only full-service authorized Datacard reseller with an office in the Chicago area (located in Naperville). We offer both lines of best-in-class printers from Entrust—the Enterprise level and the Standard level. These printers printers offer dozens of innovations that combined with Entrust's reputation for reliabilty, make them the best value on the market.

Entrust has a long pedigree of experience and innovation that has guided the development of their desktop printers. Entrust has more than 40 years of experience building card issuance systems, including more than 200,000 desktop systems, that has been used by more than 350 government programs in 92 countries.


Laminating Table-Top Card Printer

Datacard® CD800 CLM Laminating Printer

CD800 CLM brochure new Datacard CD800 CLM laminating  printer

Card issuers responsible for issuing secure identity documents face serious and escalating security threats, increasing the need to issue highly secure credentials quickly. The new Datacard® CD800™ CLM card printer with lamination module directly addresses critical security and service concerns with a variety of patented technologies — including new high-performance laminates and innovative fraud-fighting personalization features. This all-in-one card printer-encoder-laminator offers innovative physical and logical security features, including serialized laminates, security overlays and a unique tactile impression feature. A modular design protects your investment and allows for easy, affordable expansion when needed.

New Retransfer Printer

Datacard CR805 Retransfer Printer

Datacard CR805 retransfer card printer

Overview of the Datacard CR805 Retransfer Printer

Datacard CR805 Retransfer Printer brochure

Create photo-quality cards that stand out from the crowd, bringing rich color, stunning resolution and extreme precision to everything from complex graphics to exceptionally accurate skin tones. Over-the-edge printing technology ensures consistent, secure printing on a variety of card materials including magnetic stripe and smart chip cards.

Changing Ribbon and Using a Cleaning Card
Datacard Instructional Videos

Link to three instructional videos from the Datacard website.

  • How to change a print ribbon on a SD260 or SD360 card printer
  • How to change a print ribbon on a CD800 card printer
  • How to clean the CD800 card printer

GoGreen UpGrade Tutorial for Datacard SP and CP Printers

Datacard Financial Instant Issuance Printers

Link to information about the Datacard CD820, CR500, CE870 and FP65i printers

Single and Dual-Sided Table-Top Card Printers

Datacard® CD800 Desktop Card Printer

CD800 four-page brochure
CD800 printer specifications

This enterprise-class desktop printer is built for outstanding speed, printing quality, flexibility and reliable performance. The CD800 provides industry-leading image quality while setting benchmarks for eco-friendly card printing and comes in your choice of single-sided or dual-sided models. More information about the CD800.

front view of Datacard CD800 card printer Side view of Datacard CD800 dual-sided card printer

Standard Printer Options

Datacard SD 260 printer

Datacard SD260 single-sided card printer
Datacard SD360 dual-sided card printer
Datacard SD460 laminating printer

SD260 & SD360 brochure
SD460 brochure

Datacard's Standard line of desktop card printers include the SD260 simplex, SD360 duplex and SD460 laminating printers.

New, Reliable, Low-Volume Printer

Datacard SD160 card printer

SD160 brochure

An extension of the Datacard® SD Series, this economical ID card printer provides the right combination of technologies you need to efficiently print high quality cards for less. Featuring rewritable printing, inline magnetic stripe encoding, a unique ultraviolet (UV) printing security feature and intuitive operation, the versatile SD160 card printer empowers you to meet a wide range of ID issuance applications requirements — while protecting your bottom line.

SP55 Kiosk Model

Datacard SP55 Kiosk card printer

SP55k Kiosk brochure

Developed exclusively for integration into kiosks,the Datacard® SP55 Kiosk card printer delivers an attractive combination of proven reliability, high-quality card printing and the ability to integrate smoothly with a variety of kiosk designs. To help kiosk integrators even more, it has low maintenance requirements and is very easy to use.


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