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High-Speed, High-Volume Card Systems

In addition to its table top systems, PCS also offers complete turn-key card personalization systems. These systems are designed to accommodate customer requirements that call for 24/7 operation. All of the latest technologies can be applied to a card in a single pass. Mailing systems can also be attached or used independently for convenient packaging of product.

  Horizon Evolution high-speed card personalization system

Horizon Evolution

Let the smart card industry experts at PCS meet your needs and exceed your expectations with the new Horizon® Evolution. The Horizon Evolution is an expandable, modular solution designed to bridge the gap between three major markets: Financial/EMV, GSM, and Secure ID. The built-in flexibility of this one solution allows for seamless customization across markets. Now that’s smart.

Horizon Evolution brochure

True Flexibility

When we say “flexibility,” we mean flexibility in both our hardware and software offerings. Our Horizon Evolution flagship hardware and EMV software platforms support all three target markets (financial/EMV, GSM, and Secure ID). From start to finish, from market to market, NBS Technologies designs customizable, cross-market solutions to take you where you need to be.

Shifting Markets, Shifting Needs

The leading markets for the smart card industry include the GSM, Financial/EMV, and Secure ID markets. Each has its own highly specific technological requirements. The cutting-edge Card Personalization Elements (“CPEs”) offered in the Horizon Evolution system are designed to be configured to meet your market-specific needs, then reconfigured to shift seamlessly from one market solution to another. This fully customizable, modular system is three solutions in one.

Cost of Ownership is the Bottom Line

The Horizon Evolution is the ideal all-in-one solution for high-speed Smart Card issuance. There is no longer a need to buy one smart card system exclusive to Financial/EMV, another system for Secure ID, and yet another limited to GSM. When your production demands shift, be ready to stay ahead of the competition. NBS designed the fully expandable modular Horizon Evolution system to grow with you as your needs change. Our Horizon Evolution is the cost-effective system designed to transform into multiple revenue generating solutions.


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