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Cost Effective Visitor Management Software

People Track VM

People Track VM software gives you the capability to quickly and easily track everyone entering and leaving a building or facility and then run reports that document visitor activity. The software is easy to set up and provides an ideal replacement for outdated handwritten log books.

People Track VM is being used in a wide variety of applications including businesses, schools (K-12), colleges and universities, and hospitals. The software easily integrates with drivers license scanners, bar code readers and scanners as well as label and card printers to create a complete visitor management system. People Track VM allows you to perform background checks against the U.S. Department of Justice's sex offender database.

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Even for the most inexperienced user, People Track VM lets you quickly and easily:

  • Scan and capture visitor information from driver’s license or business card at check-in.
  • Instantly create a visitor badge with photo.
  • Run a background check.
  • Classify each visitor.
  • Catalog who has been visited.
  • Note reason for visit.
  • Close the visit at check-out.
  • Provide a complete visit history report.

Features for today’s security needs include:

  • activity and visitor tracking
  • background checks
  • barcode, magstripe and biometric scanning
  • drivers license and business card scanning
  • customizable fields
  • data import and export options
  • print vistor badges with photos: paper labels or plastic cards
  • visitor restriction/security
  • hands-free usage
  • self check-in
  • dynamic reports
  • programmable check-out
  • Access/SQL Database
  • workstation security
  • automated installation

Tracking of Visitors
Enhance Safety, Security and Accountability

Are you looking to improve security by implementing a new system to accurately document who is visiting your facility?

Or, are you presently using a manual entry system and would like to cost effectively increase the accuracy and professionalism of your visitor registration process?

If required, could you look back on a particular day, week or month and effectively identify who entered your facility and why?

People Track VM (Visitor Management) solution is designed to quickly and easily track visitors entering or leaving your facility. The software provides all the core features of an effective visitor management system used by companies or organizations in any industry:

  • Identify all individuals who visit your facility.  Streamline the visitor check-in process by electronically scanning a driver's license. Identify the location of entry and the reason for the visit.
  • Screen against unwanted visitors by performing a background check in the U.S. Department of Justice sex offender list.
  • Run queries including a quick check of who is currently checked in. Analyze reports of visit history and time and attendance.
  • Instantly print badges for all visitors. Badges can be paper adhesive labels or plastic cards.
  • Capture a photo of the visitor and add it to the badge you print.
  • Check-out of visitors can be done manually or automatically (after a certain time period or at a specific time).

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